United Yoga Asia (UYA) is based in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. The school is dedicated to sharing high quality Yoga instruction with a positive and cheerful atmosphere in a fully equipped studio. We are also involved in the community through commercial and charitable teacher trainings, retreats and wellness events around the country. No matter your age, ability and level of practice, we welcome you to join our unique classes with approachable methods and committed instructors. Joyful, interesting and fun, our classes offer precision-based instruction using a serious knowledge of human anatomy. Our teachers and guest teachers are well-trained, seasoned yoga practitioners from all over the world. Classes at UYA emphasize safety, joy of movement and thoughtful individualized attention.


  1. Cambodian ancient history is an integral part of our practice and identity
  2. Our experience with internationally accredited yoga teachers is the foundation of the studio where we bring knowledge, experience, and individual attention into classes at all levels
  3. We believe yoga is a life choice that should extend beyond the mat through community service such as street cleaning programs, planting trees, support programs to unprivileged people, all of Which are integral to our identity
  4. We promote and develop a community that shares the yogic life beyond the mat by enjoying activities in nature, appreciating historical landmarks, cooking, retreats, group sports, etc.